Changing the certificate

Recently, the certificate for “utexas” was changed, and you might need to make some changes if you were previously connected: Resetting utexas settings for macOS

Manual Configuration

This procedure connects Mac OS X 10.7 (Lion) thru macOS 10.12 (Sierra) and higher computers to the utexas wireless network.

Caution: Follow these instructions carefully. Using this wireless network when your computer is not properly configured can expose your personal data. In particular, you could be vulnerable to connecting to a fake access point, exposing your personal data. This is called a “man-in-the-middle” attack. Your computer will be properly configured if you follow our instructions. </p>

  1. From the Wi-Fi menu bar, select ‘Turn Wi-Fi On’ and then ‘utexas’.


  2. In the authentication pop-up box, enter your UT EID credentials. Use your UT EID as the username.


  3. If a window labeled Verify Certificate opens, click Show Certificate.


  4. Make sure that the certificate is issued from DigiCert Global Root CA.

    This is important! Further verification can be seen in Details section and compared to the current “utexas” certificate thumbprint.


    • If it is does not, then you are connecting to an untrusted network. Click Cancel, and try connecting in a different area.

    • If the certificate is issued from DigiCert Global Root CA, then check Always trust “” and click Continue.

  5. OS X may ask you to update the Certificate Trust Settings. Enter your computer’s local username and password.


  6. You are now connected to the ‘utexas’ wireless network!

Note: If your computer is unable to reconnect to utexas after it has been restarted, put in Sleep mode, or connected to another network, from the Desktop menu bar select the Wi-Fi icon and toggle Wi-Fi off and then on.