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Public Network

The University's SSID is 'utexas' with authentication via UT EID. Usage Policy

Connecting to Wireless Internet on ''

Students, faculty, staff, and official visitors using wireless Internet on campus are required by policy to use the '' network.


For all Windows options, you must have administrative privileges on your computer to complete the setup. If you do not have administrative privileges, please contact your technical support coordinator or the ITS Help Desk at 512-475-9400.


Windows XP broadcasts the UT EID in clear text on the wireless network in your area, which could be a small privacy concern. The password is not sent in clear text. If you have a concern about your UT EID being visible on the wireless network, you can use a different tool to connect your computer to the network. However, this tool comes with its own security risks. Please read about the security risks before you set up your computer.


Windows 7

Mac OS


Linux instructions work for a number of distributions.


  • iPhone OS 3.0: If you are viewing this page through a special "Log In" browser on the iPhone, please read this section. Otherwise, go to the next section to install the iPhone profile.
    1. Write down the following steps and URL, then cancel out of "Log In" browser.
    2. Go to Settings and disable Wi-Fi. Your phone will go on the 3G cellular network.
    3. Open a Safari browser, go to "".
    4. It should take you back to this page. Log in and install the profile this time.
    5. Go to Settings and enable wi-fi. You can now use wireless network.

  • Install the iPhone profile for the network.

  • After the profile has been installed, be sure to switch to wireless network as the network can only access limited resources on campus. More profiles for the iPhone can then be obtained from




Android OS

  • For Android v2.1 or newer, please try our web based installer. In your settings menu, please enable data access over your mobile network and have your Wi-Fi connection disabled.
  • Instructions for the manual procedure.

Mobile Devices

Other Devices

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