Popup Window

The Popup Window is a mechanism that is necessary to maintain the relationship between your computer and the 'guest.utexas.edu' wireless network while you are logged in. The Popup Window periodically sends a message to the Public Network System to tell it that the credentials on your computer are still valid and you should be allowed to continue using the Internet. When your credentials expire, you have to reenter your UT EID or Guest ID and password to reauthenticate. The Authentication System uses JavaScript to open the window, which is why you must configure your browser to allow JavaScript. The credentials are stored in a cookie. (Read more about cookies in the Privacy policy.)

The Popup Window and credentials also allow you to maintain your connection even if you move around. For example, if you move to a different location with your laptop, you can temporarily lose the connection to a wireless access point. When the connection to the access point is reestablished, the credentials stored in the Popup Window automatically tell the network that you are authenticated and you can continue working.

Image of Popup Window

The Popup Window is programmed to open behind other windows on your computer desktop. If you don't see it, minimize your open applications to look for it. You should leave it open so you do not have to continually reauthenticate. If this window is closed, you will be logged out after a short period of time. Open a new browser window to reauthenticate. Once you log out of 'guest.utexas.edu', you may close the Popup Window if it does not close automatically.

Note: If you are using a personal digital assistant (PDA) to access 'guest.utexas.edu', you will not receive a Popup Window when you log in. You also will be logged out automatically after a short period of time. Open a new browser window to reauthenticate.

If you accidentally close the Popup Window while you are logged into 'guest.utexas.edu', you can reopen it. Visit the Manage Profile page, or the following URL: https://authentication.pna.utexas.edu/client/login.cgi?POPUP=1

Popup Window Terms

Keep this window open to use the Public Network for <X> hours. This tells you how long your credentials will last. Your connection to the Public Network stays active for 12 (public computers) or 24 (private computers) hours.

Log Out logs you out of the PNA. Your credentials may be removed if you selected the "I share this computer" option when you logged in.

My Bandwidth refers to your current service class – 1st or 2nd class network connection.

AUTHID is a reference number in the Authentication System database. It is used internally, and you do not need to know your AUTHID in order to to log into the Public Network. However, if you call the ITS Help Desk, you may be asked to provide the AUTHID for troubleshooting purposes.

There are also links to the Manage Profile and Help pages.