A University of Texas at Austin department must sponsor a guest's activities, which must be within the scope of the university's mission.

If you are a sponsored guest:

Your sponsor should have issued you a Guest ID and password so that you can log into the network. If you are a guest at the university and need access to the Public Network, contact the conference coordinator or the department with which you will be working.


Guests include conference attendees, lecturers, etc. Guests must be sponsored by a department, host or event coordinator and issued a Guest ID—a temporary user name and password. Sponsoring a guest means that you are taking repsonsibility for the guest's actions on the university network.

To sponsor a Guest ID for a visitor, contact the Technical Support Coordinator (TSC) for your department. If no TSC exists, please e-mail networking@its.utexas.edu . ITS-Networking is unable to sponsor guests; they can only assign that ability to departmental representatives who take responsbility for guests' actions.

Note that you can request Guest IDs only for sponsored guests.

Technical Support Coordinators

Use the Guest ID utilities available on the TSC Tools page, under TSC Management Utilities. You must be authorized to create Guest IDs; please contact e-mail networking@its.utexas.edu if you need authorization.