Buying Additional External Bandwidth for the Public Network

Students, faculty, staff, and official visitors may purchase PNA bandwidth to supplement their base allocations. You may want to purchase additional bandwidth if you have been moved to the 2nd-class network and are experiencing slower network connections. Read more about bandwidth limits...

A Tiered PNA subscription offers a cost-effective option to supplement your default bandwidth allocation. Users can subscribe to a Tiered PNA plan for an individual semester or the entire academic year. Students living in the residential halls can only purchase or modify a subscription plan from the Resnet site. Faculty and staff can request departmentally funded Project Bandwidth.

Bandwidth purchases can also be made by credit card using the secure PNA TXShop store. You can purchase 5 GB at a time, up to 15 GB per week. If this is your first time buying from TXShop, you must create an account profile as part of the buying process. Purchased external bandwidth will be available until the bandwidth is exhausted, one year passes, or the EID expires. No refunds are available.

ITS recommends that you consider a Tiered PNA plan (or Resnet if you live in one of the UT dorms) if you need additional bandwidth beyond your default allocation. These options provide a more cost-effective solution for obtaining additional bandwidth than the one-time use bandwdith from TXShop. If you have already subscribed and maximized your Tiered PNA or Resnet bandwidth and still need additional capacity, then TXShop is a viable option.

If you have additional questions, please contact the ITS Help Desk.